To the Editor: Past councilman supports Redfern

I am writing to support Jacob Redfern to retain his First Ward Council position. Since Jacob got
appointed in August, he has thrust himself into the position. He has done a ride-along with the police
to see the problems that the First Ward faces late at night. He has researched state grant monies
available for first-time home buyers as a way to increase home ownership. He has gone on a listening
tour trying to meet as many constituents as possible, listening to their concerns and needs. He has met
with different student groups as well, trying to get them to play a more active role within the city.

Jacob reminds me a lot of Sarah Tomashefski with whom I served on council and who was able to use her
position to bring the university and the city closer in productive ways. His energy and his ideas will
help the city get through tough times. His willingness to serve and his commitment to respond rapidly to
constituents’ issues will be appreciated by all. I urge all First Ward voters to vote for Redfern.
Mike Zickar
Perrysburg Township
Former BG City Council