To the Editor: Herald’s council years praised

I am looking forward to the Nov. 3rd election so I can cast my ballot once again for Bill Herald, who
previously served diligently and conscientiously on BG City Council for many years.
He had served the fourth ward with great integrity, and now has the opportunity to serve all of Bowling
Green as an at-large council member.
Having known Bill for almost 25 years, I am appreciative of his consistency and his civility. He is
always well-informed, courteous, and committed to the public good.
He provided the council with the wisdom that comes only from experience and the fiscal responsibility
that came from a firm conviction that consensus-based efficiency is one of the hallmarks of solid
leadership and good government.
Most of all, it is clear that Bill cares deeply about Bowling Green and its future. That care and his
vision inspire my support and encourage me to urge others to vote for him as well.
Bruce Edwards
Bowling Green