To the Editor: Elmwood voters are urged to vote for both renewals

The board of education of the Elmwood Local School District is seeking renewal of the district’s income
tax levies on the Nov. 3 ballot. We urge all Elmwood voters to give these issues serious consideration
and to vote yes in favor of renewal.
Very frequently, voters are asked to support school levies with slogans that they should consider the
kids and invest in the future. While these are important considerations, we believe that voters should
consider the interests of students first and foremost, but also examine the school district’s level of
financial responsibility. We have taken some time to review the districct’s current financial position
and its economic projections.
We believe that overall, Elmwood’s teachers, support staff, board members and administrators have served
oru students and community well over recently years. There are improvements which need to be made in all
school districts, we expect, and Elmwood is no different. We have communicated our views to the district
regarding various issues which concern our students, as shoudl all members of the Elwmood community. We
believe that with constructive community support, and diligence on the part of the board of education
and district employees, the Elmwood Local School District can continue to offer a quality education to
our students which is cost effective to taxpayers.
The renewals we support would be for five years, and should help the district to maintain a stable
financial position. However, passage of these renewals would not mean that additional monies might not
need to be sought in future years. Our board of education and administrators will need to be very
vigilant in realizing savings whenever possible.
We urge all Elmwood voters to support the district’s ballot issue on Nov. 3. We also strongly urge school
voters to express any concerns about these issues and address any questions to the district
superintendent or treasurer and/or board of education members.
Jim Hammer, Wayne
Steve Arnold, Bloomdale
Tom Waldock, Bloomdale
Ryan Dauterman, Bloomdale