To the Editor: BG woman lists concerns if Issue 2 would be defeated

I encourage all voters to support Issue 2 with a yes vote on Nov. 3. Issue 2 creates the Ohio Livestock
Care Standards Board. This board brings together farmers, experts in livestock production, and Ohio
consumers. Together they will make policies to ensure expert animal care in Ohio.
The possible repercussions of not passing Issue 2 are severe. Several activist groups are attempting to
introduce an initiative that would set rigid and impractical standards for livestock care. These groups
have chosen Ohio as a target state.
This initiative would lead to higher food costs for consumers, food safety risks, and an increase in the
amount of food imported to Ohio.
Most importantly, this initiative would cause thousands of farmers to go out of business, dramatically
affecting our state’s economy. Issue 2 can prevent these unimaginable consequences.
The passing of Issue 2 will also positively affect the youth of Ohio, and especially those of Wood
County. We have one of the best junior fair programs in the state because of youth and adults who
support the care and production of local livestock. Through these 4-H and FFA projects, our youth learn
accountability, time management, and financial responsibility.
These essential lessons are beneficial far into the future, making our youth responsible and contributing
members of society.
An initiative that sets rigid standards for care would be detrimental to these junior fair members,
making it nearly impossible to afford or sustain care for their livestock. Issue 2 will make sure our
youth can continue learning these invaluable lessons.
Agriculture is the foundation of this great state. Passing Issue 2 will sustain the viability of Ohio’s
agriculture community, making certain that Ohio continues to represent a major contribution to the
nationwide economy.
Please protect Ohio’s farmers, youth, and consumers by voting yes for Issue 2.
Megan Arnold
Bowling Green