To the Editor: Welling’s attendance shows his dedication

I would like to encourage Lake Township voters to again cast their ballots for current Lake Township
Trustee Richard Welling. His overall knowledge and experience in township government has proven
beneficial to Lake Township residents.
Welling over the last 12 years has had 100% attendance at trustee meetings, the only candidate that can
make that claim and a testament to his dedication and commitment to Lake Township. His knowledge and
experience in federal, state, county and local issues has been an ongoing benefit and plus to Lake
Lake Township is fiscally sound and one of the few local jurisdictions that is not facing budget cuts and
layoffs, a sign of good fiscal leadership by the board of trustees
There has been no Jerusalem Township type headlines in Lake Township under Welling’s watch, only
competent and professional leadership. I urge voters to support a responsible and caring trustee. Please
re-elect Welling.
Anne Csizek