To the Editor: Twp. trustees support Elmwood renewals

As trustees of the several townships that make up the Elmwood Local School District, we are very much
aware of the challenging economic times which face our communities. We are also very much aware of how
important it is that public officials exercise responsibility, frugality and good judgment in managing
tax dollars in an attempt to avoid placing additional burdens on local taxpayers.
Elmwood’s administrators recently invited us to a meeting to receive information about the operation of
the district and its financial approaches and considerations.
The information received by those trustees in attendance included a discussion of the income tax renewals
which will be on the ballot on election day, Nov. 3. It is evident to us that the 3/4% and 1/2% income
tax issues which make up a part of the local funding of the district have been a fair and reliable
funding source. We also believe that the Elmwood Local School District offers a very good educational
program at a very reasonable cost.
We would stress and remind voters that these issues are renewals and do not seek new or additional taxes.
Maintaining strong educational programs is essential to maintaining strong communities. We endorse both
of the income tax renewal issues which will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot and strongly urge Elmwood’s
voters to do the same.
Ed Foos
Dan E. Wickard
David L. Housholder
Portage Twp. trustees
Ken Ault
Robert Gonyer
Paul Walters
Montgomery Twp. trustees
Terry Hummel
Thomas McGrain
Bloom Twp. trustees