To the Editor: McOmber’s background in finance is a plus


Bob McOmber is running for re-election as an at-large member of BG City Council, and I would like to
strongly endorse his candidacy.
He has served one full term and has demonstrated his outstanding qualifications and ability to make
thoughtful and reasonable decisions. He has exhibited an uncommon sensitivity to the public’s concerns,
and has repeatedly shown a determined willingness to do something about those concerns.
His training and experience are indeed valuable and much-welcomed assets for the city. He is a retired
attorney who also has a strong background in finance. When he joined the BG Board of Education in 1996,
the district had $2 million of operating debt and only a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank. When
he chose not to run for re-election six years later that debt had been paid off, and the district had
several million dollars in the bank.
Now it’s the city itself that’s currently faced with extraordinary difficult budgetary decisions. Bob’s
proved expertise and in-depth familiarity with the city’s financial affairs are sorely needed.
There is also the related question of continuity. Two members of council are not running for re-election,
so council will have at least two new faces next year, and possibly more. Although new members can
provide fresh insights into the council’s deliberations, it is also important to have some continuity
among the members. It is essential to retain the knowledge and broad comprehension of the city’s
operations that McOmber already has.
Bob has always impressed me with his wide-ranging grasp of public policy issues, his vision and
dedication, his common sense approach to problems, his enthusiasm and integrity, and his strong
leadership qualities. He has manifested a remarkable willingness to stand up for what he genuinely
believes will best serve the overall interests of our community, even on controversial issues.
He has consistently evidenced a desire and ability to work cooperatively with the city administration,
council and the public, regardless of the issue or political party affiliation. Bob will continue to
work hard to make our community an increasingly better place to live. He deserves to be re-elected.
Wes Hoffman
Bowling Green

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