To the Editor: Mazzarella’s commitment to community cited

Think for a moment about the people who inspired you to pursue your career. The qualities you admired
were most likely confidence, dedication, and compassion.
Roger Mazzarella inspired me.
For the past 24 years I have known Roger as a teacher, a colleague, and a friend. As a teacher, he
demonstrated his compassion for nature in his classroom. His excitement was infectious to his students,
who were so fascinated by what he taught he earned the nickname, the "Wizard of Mazz". I
consulted with Roger on several occasions as I pursued a career in teaching myself, because I knew of
his ability to work efficiently and sometimes under challenging conditions. His advice has helped me
many times through the years in my own classroom.
He has demonstrated his determination and composed demeanor as a BGSU Rugby coach and truly understands
the important relationship the permanent residents of Bowling Green share with the university community.

As a friend, I have seen Roger’s commitment to his family, friends, and community. This commitment has
continued in his retirement from teaching by working at Wintergarden Park, and Simpson Garden Park,
sometimes helping to manage and sometimes using his teaching skills to continue to challenge and inspire
park visitors.
In short, Mr. Mazzarella is a compassionate and hardworking human being with perseverance and ambition. I
think he is deserving of a city council member title.
Gloria Kreischer
Bowling Green