To the Editor: Herald’s education would aid council

Balance. In all things, balance. Our city council is currently out of balance and could use a qualified
individual of integrity without a preset agenda to bring it back into balance.
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Bill Herald. Bill is very knowledgeable in the affairs of
government. As a man who has a Ph.D. from OSU in Public Policy and Management, he has demonstrated that
he has the education and the desire to do the job well and without guile. In fact, he served the
citizens of Bowling Green for eight years on city council.
In addition to his education and desire to work hard and serve Bowling Green, he also has many years of
business experience.
Bill is a steady and a prudent man who will use his analytic background to help Bowling Green manage its
finances through a sensible balance of spending cuts and the efficient use of funds. Bill is reasonable,
thoughtful and intelligent. The citizens of Bowling Green would have to look long and hard to find a
better council member to serve our community. I respectfully urge you to consider casting your vote for
Herald on Nov. 3.
Tim Westhoven
Bowling Green