To the Editor: Former city official praises Herald


This November the citizens of Bowling Green will be electing two at-large candidates to our city council.
I am asking you to join me in casting one of your votes for William Herald.
I served two terms on council with Bill and worked with him while I was the city of Bowling Green public
works director. You will not find a more honest, hard working and sincere individual than Herald. We did
not always agree on everything we were asked to make a decision and vote on, but I was always a better
informed councilman because of the work Herald had put in getting all the points of view for us to
collectively consider. He voted with his heart and the knowledge he was casting a vote for not all but
the majority of those he was elected to represent, even if it meant going against the wishes of the
Bill was so driven to get input from his voters that he set up regular quarterly meetings throughout the
year in order to provide a outlet for them to voice their concerns to him without the need to attend
regular city council meetings. In later years other councilmen adopted Bill’s policy.
Herald is a man for the times. He’s faced many tough decisions . . . whether to allow the mall to come to
Bowling Green . . . did we need a west side fire station . . . should we set aside land for industrial
development . . . did we need more park land . . . did we need to correct the offset at the Poe and Main
intersection . . . and countless other decisions that at the time were most controversial.
I am so pleased that Bill is willing to serve another term on the Bowling Green City Council. The only
one stopping him is you. He’s already getting my vote.
William N. Blair
Bowling Green

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