To the Editor: Co-worker commends Hollenbaugh

I strongly urge the voters of First Ward to elect Mark Hollenbaugh to City Council. As a Bowling Green
resident, I was pleased to find out someone I work with was running for Bowling Green City Council. As
Mark’s co-worker I can attest to him having many characteristics that will make him a fine
councilperson. Mark is a compassionate, hardworking, dedicated professional, who is committed to the
students as well as his fellow staff. Mark never misses work and is devoted to assisting students in
achieving at their highest level. Mark possesses the listening skills, calm rationale, and ability to
bring people together that only comes with age and experience. I am sure Mark will put forth the same
effort on behalf of the citizens of Bowling Green, as a member of city council, he does as a teaching
professional everyday.
Cayla Crutcher
Bowling Green