Leaf collection starts today in BG

Curbside leaf collection will begin in Bowling Green today. Residents who receive city-provided
refuse/recycling service are eligible for the leaf pick-up.
Leaves should be placed loose (not in bags) at the curb. Branches must be removed from the leaf piles.

Do not rake leaves into the street. This is very important for public safety. Placing leaves in the
street is a violation of the city’s Storm Water Management Policy. During periods of rain, leaves in the
street are more prone to block the drainage system causing flooding and other concerns. Even when leaves
are dry, they are still a safety hazard, when placed in the street, as warm exhaust systems from
vehicles can cause the leaves to catch fire.
Bowling Green residents may also take leaves to the drop-off site located behind the Public Works garage
on Tarragon Drive (off East Poe Road). Note that brush and branches are not accepted at the drop-off
Residents may also want to consider using a recycling mower to return shredded leaves to their yards.
Grass clippings and finely chopped leaves add vital nutrients and organic matter to the lawn, thus
improving lawn health.
The city provides tracking of the leaf crews on its web site at www.bgohio.org. Crews will pass through
the city several times. An announcement will be made prior to the final pass through the city.