Fair board meeting focused on better organization


The October Senior Fair Board spent a great deal of time hashing over procedural matters, including
research done on the board’s constitution, the Ohio Red Book, which is the official guideline for all
fair board action in Ohio, and/or Roberts Rules of Order.
The board opened the meeting by granting lifetime memberships to former directors Glen Bechstein and
Garry Aller and their wives; along with former employee Deb Bechstein. It is a way of thanking them for
their service to the board and the Wood County Fair.
After the board passed a motion to form a constitution and bylaws committee, the ongoing discussion on
procedural matters continued.
One of the main topics focused on the function of the Executive Board, which includes the board officers
along with the immediate past president. Such a board is not provided for in the fair’s constitution.

As members refocused on routine business, the board approved leaving daily admission fees to the fair at
$6 but raised the week-long passes, including membership passes, to $24.
The board also extended the date to obtain sponsors for the proposed second marquee sign along Haskins
Road. They will confirm the sign company can guarantee the price for the extended deadline.
The board declined to permit any organization outside fair-related business to advertise for free on the
marquee. Building rentals are permitted free advertising, but all others must pay the daily rate of $15.
The board lowered the weekly rate to $60 for the sign.
The board learned the entertainment committee is looking at different options for the 2010 fair. There
has been nothing decided but they are looking at the possibility of moving the “Free Tent” closer to the
main gate; as well as possibly adding motorcycle or car shows.
The entire board was invited to attend a Nov. 5 meeting involving the committee and the fair’s promoter.

After returning to open session at the close of the meeting, the board formally approved the hiring of
two full-time employees.
Becky Dippman, secretary, and Charles Gonzales, groundskeeper, had previously been hired; however, it was
not done according to the proper rules as prescribed by the Red Book. The board also approved hiring
Shawn Crowe as a part-time seasonal employee as needed.
The approval was a formality to assure compliance.
Richard King was named the board’s delegate for the upcoming convention with Steve Thomson as the
The next board meeting will be held on the third Thursday of November (Nov. 19) due to the Thanksgiving

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