To the Editor: Portage should not pressure people into annexing


I am writing in regards to you recent article on the village of Portage and how they want to fix their
inability to manage their money through annexing property. I was shocked at the conduct of some of those
on village council pushing for this. The mayor wants to appoint an ad hoc committee to pressure one lone
holdout to sign on for annexation. Times are hard enough, no one working at these facilities needs to be
paying Portage a 1% income tax! This is a low, shameful attempt by a group of unqualified individuals
who want to mask their shortcomings. The businesses nor the individuals that work there have anything to
gain from this, the village has nothing to offer (lower sewer) except a 1% income tax. What was said in
the village council meeting was pathetic and I want people to see some of the quotes that came directly
from the recent article.
Councilman Doug Maas with regards to the lone holdout: "You need to continue to keep pressure on
them." "Time’s a-wasting on annexation, so any way possible."
Council was also asked if it could force the annexation. Maas said he understood the village could do so,
through court proceedings, but it would cost more than $5,000.
"That would be a darn good investment," said Linda Glomski. "What bank is offering that
kind of return?"
The conduct of this village administration has been comical for years, but now it is deplorable and
embarrassing. This is a free country, if this personal property owner does not want to be part of their
village he should not be forced or pressured to be. Others should not be punished because these people
don’t know how to balance a budget and manage their funds.
Mark Foster

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