Otsego has seen many changes over the last couple of years; even more changes in Weston than in the
remainder of the district. It is time for a citizen of Weston to have a voice on the board. This voice
is Brad Anderson, a lifelong resident of the district and member of Otsego Citizens for Neighborhood
Schools. Brad has two children in the Otsego school system with a third to enter next year. He has
extensive business experience with an emphasis on customer service. Through his experience he realizes
the importance of everyone’s voice. Brad will be not only a voice for Weston but for the entire Otsego
Now is the time for change on the school board. On Nov. 3 we are fortunate to have him on the ballot.
When voting for Brad we will have the peace of mind that when he sits on the board he will support the
community by hearing us and respecting us by putting all major financial decisions on a ballot.
His research, thoroughness, and concern to do what is right for the district will give us taxpayers the
voice we have not had in years. He will work to maintain and improve all school buildings in a
financially responsible manner.
Brad is concerned with the district’s current financial status and wants our district to be financially
sound and not go into further debt.
As lifelong Otsego residents and graduates, we want to see that our children grow and experience all the
great Otsego benefits we did. We feel Brad is the right person and will represent us honestly and with
respect. He will restore accountability and integrity to the board and has our vote. Vote on Nov. 3 for
an board member who will do what is best for the students and taxpayers, vote for Anderson.
Dirk and Lisa Wellman