To the Editor: Perrysburg Twp. rezoning opposed


To the residents of Perrysburg Township:
On Oct. 20, a letter was in the Sentinel relative the proposed rezoning of properties located on
Neiderhouse and Thompson Roads. I would like to provide some of the facts that caused us to seek relief
under the referendum process.
Wood County planning commission and Perrysburg Township zoning both denied the rezoning request. Against
the residents’ wishes, the trustees approved the rezoning of three parcels. This rezoning would allow
single family and multi-family developments in an area that is presently agricultural and 5-acre
homesites, with the exception of a parcel that is not subject to referendum. Some of the conditions of
the rezoning included: no mobile homes and the developers would not seek annexation of Emerald Lakes, a
villa subdivision.
The trustees, being concerned with the threat of annexation, approved the change in zoning. At a meeting
held at the Perrysburg Township Fire Station, the trustees agreed that the threat of annexation is
present whether these parcels are re-zoned or not. Further, at a meeting for candidates at Ft. Meigs
School, a Perrysburg councilman stated that they have "no intention" of seeking involuntary
annexation of any parcel of land east of I-75.
Therefore, as one of the "self-centered" individuals referenced in the letter, I would ask that
the township residents vote against the rezoning and allow the township to remain a township and not
become a city within a township.
Lynn Hunter

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