MILLBURY – The Lake School District has its first confirmed case of H1N1 influenza, Superintendent Jim
Witt announced at Wednesday’s board of education meeting.
He said he spoke with Commissioner Pam Butler of the Wood County Health Department earlier in the day.

“She assured me that we are following the proper protocol,” Witt said, which includes liberal use of hand
sanitizers in the schools and extra cleaning procedures, such as door knobs.
“She said just keep following what we are doing and this too shall pass.”
Lake is running at a 20 percent absenteeism rate, which is average in Northwest Ohio schools, Witt said.
Butler agreed with him and the board that Lake schools should remain open, he said.
“That means we still have 1,400 kids a day coming here and learning,” said board president Tim Krugh.
There are a handful of parents, Witt said, who are concerned about Lake’s policies regarding the flu
“They are the experts and we’re following their recommendations,” he said of the health department.