Issue 2 will elevate livestock animal care into our state constitution. Why? The answer is clearly to
benefit corporate agricultural interests – such as industrial animal factories and their supporters.
This propaganda is being carefully spoon fed to the voters as a food safety promotion and a protection
for OH families and farms. It is being financed to the tune of $7 million by the Farm Bureau.
Issue 2 will create an appointed board to oversee agriculture. Ohio already has agencies in place for
these duties. I’ve worked with government appointed boards. They are big business dominated. This will
be no exception.
Under this amendment’s vague language decisions would be final. There is no room for input or appeal from
voters. Our voices would be effectively shut down letting an industry regulate itself unchecked. This in
itself should send up red flags for the average citizen.
Most of our legislators and Gov. Strickland are behind Issue 2. Do they just not care about Ohioans’
rights or are they influenced too much by certain campaign donations?
Issue 2 will create an unnecessary level of unfunded government. Who is going to pay the expenses of this
board? We are cutting hours and funds at every level of state government now – even local libraries.
Issue 2 is wrong for Ohio. There should be no safe haven for any corporate special interest embedded in
our constitution.
Ohioans should reject Issue 2.
Teri Reinhart