To the Editor: McOmber, Kuhlman supported for BG council


We write to support the candidacy of Robert McOmber for an at-large seat on city council. We believe that
Bob’s re-election to this post, where he has already served one term, is in the best interest of the
city and its citizens, and we hope that voters from both political parties will support him at the polls
this November.
As a member of council for the last several years, Bob has established a clear record as a thoughtful and
articulate representative. He habitually approaches issues in a logical way, thinks through all the
arguments on both sides and speaks out publicly to explain and defend the positions which he eventually
adopts. These are qualities of enormous value to all citizens of BG.
Whether or not we think we would have voted the same way in any specific case, we can always respect the
intelligence behind Bob’s vote.
On a specific set of issues which are critical to those of us who live in the older sections of the city,
near BGSU and the downtown — issues which, nevertheless, truly impact the entire community — Bob has
taken positions that favor positive change, doing so both as a member of council and as one of the
members of the mayor’s ad hoc committee to consider recommendations for improving housing conditions and
quality of life for homeowners who live east of Maple Street/Fairview Avenue.
While he has not supported every recommendation that we personally believe in, he has consistently shown
a genuine interest in our concerns and has been an advocate for many of the most crucial proposed
changes in city administrative process and in law enforcement aimed at preserving the integrity of our
older, historic neighborhoods.
McOmber has definitely earned the vote of all citizens next month for one of the two at-large seats on
city council.
Finally, we also want to support the candidacy of Joel Kuhlman for the second at-large Council seat which
is open to vote this fall. We believe that Joel’s philosophy and approach to issues will be in the mode
of a previous council member, Gordy Heminger, who proved to be an extremely effective representative of
the First Ward, as well as an excellent councilperson for the whole city.
Les and Sue Barber
Bowling Green

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