To the Editor: Jeffers’ teaching, coaching exerperience an asset


When my friend and fellow educator Bruce Jeffers announced he was running for the BG School Board, my
first thought was to write a letter to the editor praising the lengthy and relevant credentials Bruce
has for the job. I could go on about his decades of teaching experience at the high school and community
college level, his coaching experience, his certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching
Standards, or his social action efforts through our church and the BG Tree commission, and similar work
and life experience.
Fortunately, Bruce is such an established, known commodity here in Bowling Green that others have already
written about his extensive resume and numerous accomplishments. This leaves me the opportunity to
instead describe Jeffers, the person.
I have known Bruce for some time now. I see him at church each week. I have served on committees with
him. My family has been camping with Bruce and his family. In the course of these frequent interactions
with Bruce, I have noticed a single, defining trait that never fails to impress: his "can do"
Whenever we need a volunteer for something, be it serving on a committee for long-range planning,
assisting with various events for our congregation and the larger BG community, or even something as
simple as helping gather firewood for a campfire, Bruce is always there at the forefront, offering to
If our community decides to vote Jeffers into the BG School Board, I know his experience and his can do
attitude will be a great asset for us.
As a parent whose child will soon be entering the BG school system, I know Bruce will be the same
responsible, diligent person he has always been, and I know he’ll have our interests at heart.
I trust Jeffers. I will vote for him, and hope you will, too.
Paul Cesarini
Bowling Green

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