Rewards of ‘Victory Gardens’


TOLEDO – The Lucas County Master Gardeners’ Speakers Bureau will be holding its third session of the
Victory Garden Lecture Series, on Sept. 9, from 6:30 to 9 p.m. in the Conference Center at Toledo
Botanical Garden.
The theme will be "Victory Gardens – Your Rewards."
Both local and national news trend have been about nutrition, food safety, and the benefits of growing
your own food right in your backyard.
This 3-part series has been a huge success.
The topics to be covered include:
¥ Fall planting opportunities and different techniques for extending the growing season;
¥ Seed gathering for next year’s garden, when to start collecting, and tips for storing;
¥ Harvesting your produce, how to use herbs, drying and preserving herbs, along with herb
¥ Preserving techniques covering drying, canning, and freezing;
¥ Planning this year for next year’s garden, what worked this year, planning for the unexpected, amending
the soil, and fall clean up.
The OSU Extension office at Toledo Botanical Garden has been involved with Marcy Kaptur’s office in
registering and tracking Victory Gardens across the area where the gardens have committed to donating
excess produce to area shelters, food pantries, charities, and churches.
To further show the impact of gardeners growing their own foods, over 100 gardeners have registered their
Victory Garden sites on the website
The Master Gardener Speakers Bureau is comprised of certified Master Gardener volunteers in Lucas County.

This lecture is open to the public and includes a $15 fee due payable the night of the program.
Interested parties should make a reservation by calling (419) 578-6783.

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