2009 fair demonstrations from melon carving to serving international dinner

In the Home and Garden World Building (formerly Women’s World) a variety of demonstrations are being
offered during the 2009 Wood County Fair, sponsored by Ohio State University Extension organizations.

The fair opened Tuesday and will run through next Monday. Presenters will give demonstrations and discuss
topics on gardening, cooking, and stamping.
The first demonstration is today at 5 p.m. Middleton Township Homemakers will be presenting
"International Dinner" samples. How to plan an International Dinner and how to prepare the
food will be demonstrated. At 7 p.m., Joy Ortyl, a Master Gardener with OSU Extension, will be
presenting "Living Wreathes." She will demonstrate how to put everything together and offer
On Friday there will be two demonstrations. At 5 p.m. Tammy Hardy and Kristen Swihart of Cherry Creek
Farm will be showing "Using Locally Grown Lamb for Your Tastiest Meals Ever". Visitors can how
it is done, taste a samples, and take home a recipe to try on their own. At 7 p.m., Master Gardeners
Monica Bihn and Sheila Kratzer present "Hypertufa," demonstrating how to make
weather-resistant planting containers out of hypertufa.
Weekend demonstrations will begin with Michelle Lincoln- demonstrating "Stamping Up" at 3 p.m.
Sunday. She will show how easy and fun it is to use rubber stamps. The final demonstration will be Deb
Pirooz, owner of Ben’s Table, at 7 p.m. Sunday. Pirooz will present her favorite hobby – Melon Carving.

Stop by the Home and Garden Building during fair to take a break from the warm weather and learn some new
Wednesday, Aug. 5
5 p.m. – Middleton Homemakers – "International Dinner"
7 p.m. – Joy Ortyl- "Living Wreathes"
Friday, Aug. 7
5 p.m. – Tammy Hardy & Kristen Swihart – "Using Locally Grown Lamb for Your Tastiest Meals
7 p.m. – Monica Bihn – "Hypertufa"
Sunday, Aug. 9
3 p.m. – Michelle Lincoln – "Stamping Up"
7 p.m. – Deb Pirooz – "Melon Carving"