To the Editor: Three things spoiled G. Rapids parade

We would like to thank everyone that attended and help organize the great parade on Memorial Day. We the
S.A.L. of Post 232 feel the parade was one of the better ones. The Otsego High School band looked and
sounded great. Also would like to thank the legion members; the Boy Scout, Cub Scouts, the Girl Scouts,
VFW and also the fire department.
But three things messed up a very good parade:
1. The girl driving the car out of town. She sees a very big fire truck coming down the middle of the
street at her and was dumb enough not to back down the street to get out of the way but just sat there
and laughed. How inconsiderate was that!!
2. To all the men along the parade route, the next time you see an American Flag come by you, please have
the respect that should be given, take your hat off.
3. To the person near downtown that had to mow his or her lawn at the time of the services. You know who
you are. How disrespectful.
Well, other than that, we the S.A.L. Post 32 would like to thank everyone that helped organize and
participated and came out to watch the parade. We hope to see you next year.
Ken Knaggs
Grand Rapids