Perrysburg police noting uptick in crime during summer months

PERRYSBURG – City police are warning against increased opportunity for crimes during the summer season.

"It took off recently," Lt. David Weaver said. "People are having their possessions and
property stolen out of their cars, unlocked cars in particular, and occasionally garages."
The time afforded to residents during the summer for outdoor leisure may create conditions that are
favorable for thefts from yards, vehicles and attached garages. According to the police division,
criminals will often seek out the easiest targets for these types of thefts. To guard against those
thefts, residents can lock doors to their vehicles and homes, especially while away or asleep. The
division also asks residents to consider improving security of valuable items that may be stored
outside, such as bicycles or lawn mowers.
Weaver further cautioned against leaving items in plain sight, even inside a locked car. He also advised
people to not be obvious while tossing items in the back seat or advertise their actions in any other
way to thieves who often stake out particular areas for vulnerable cars.
Weaver said many of the recently stolen items include property that can be expensive to replace, such as
wallets, computers, iPods and cash.
"It’s happening all over," he said.
At least 15 possible thefts from vehicles were reported to police this week alone.
There have also been instances of vandalism, including a recent crime spree in which mailboxes were
damaged at properties throughout the Crandenbrook subdivision. Weaver also pointed to instances where
paint balls were shot at buildings around town.
He said the division believes the same group of people is responsible for much of the crime and that
there are a few leads in the active investigation but no specific suspects. An uptick in crime is common
during the summers, he said.
"The thing we’re most concerned about is all the (criminal activities) that have been going on in
the past month" or six weeks, he said.
Anyone who observes suspicious activity should call the police division at (419) 872-8001 or dial 911 in
case of emergency.