Kenya’s future to be focus of BGSU forum

Nearly 40 scholars will gather at Bowling Green State University to present "Perspectives on Kenya’s
Development in the 21st Century" at the second annual Kenya Scholars and Studies Association
(KESSA) conference today and Saturday.
"The 21st century presents Kenya and Kenyans with enormous potential for progress or failure. As
Kenya explores more development opportunities in the coming years, the country will face many challenges
– economic, social, political, environmental, scientific and also technological," according to Dr.
Kefa Otiso, an associate professor of geography, who is the founder of the association and director of
the conference.
The future of Kenya is of significant interest to the United States as well since Kenya is one of its
staunchest allies in Africa and an important security and economic partner.
Keynoting the conference is Dr. Robert Maxon, a professor of history at West Virginia University and one
of the foremost experts on Kenya. He spoke this afternoon on "Studying Kenya: Challenges and
A widely published scholar on Kenya and East Africa, Maxon has been conducting fieldwork and teaching in
Kenya since the 1960s. His books include "Going Their Separate Ways: Agrarian Transformation in
Kenya, 1930-1950" (2003); "An Economic History of Kenya" (1992) with W.R. Ochieng;
"Struggle for Kenya: The Loss and Reassertion of Imperial Initiative, 1912-1923" (1993);
"East Africa: An Introductory History" (1994); and "A Historical Dictionary of
Kenya" (2000), co-authored with Thomas Ofcansky.
KESSA conference sessions will feature presentations on gender, health and environment, agriculture,
politics, economic development, education, technology, and media, youth and society.
The cost to attend the conference is $25. There will be a registration table in the union outside Room
201 or 207. Attendees are asked to bring exact change or a check payable to Kenya Scholars &
Studies Association. Credit card payments can be made online at (select
last option).
For more information or to register, visit