Church events 7-31

Pastor Tim Meyer’s sermon Sunday at Abiding Word Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "One
"Morphing Into Christ-likeness," will be Pastor Dennis Gugger’s sermon Sunday at Bowling Green
Alliance Church. A feast will follow immediately at City Park.
Evangelist Harold Driver’s sermon morning at Bowling Green Church of Christ will be "Choosing a
Religion." The evening service will be "There."
"Our Hope is in the Things That are not Seen," will be Rev. Michael Malanga’s message Sunday at
Bowling Green Covenant Church.
Rev. Mack Armstrong’s sermon Sunday at Cloverdale United Methodist Church will be "Magnificent
Magistrate Magnifies Majestic Majesty."
Kelly Fath, missionary to Romania, will present his ministry Sunday morning at First Baptist Church.
Pastor Brian Snyder’s message for the evening service will be "Why the Law?"
The Youth Mission Team will be welcomed back Sunday at First Presbyterian Church. They will share some of
their experiences during worship and at the coffee hour which follows.
Pastor Tom Mellott’s sermon Sunday at First United Methodist Church will be "A People Lie Us:
Capable of Tough Feelings."
The sermon Sunday by Curtis Miller, pastor, at Grace Brethren Church will be "Living Relationally in
the Family Unit According to the Word of God: Faithfulness to Our Posterity, Our Children."
The program Sunday at Maumee Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation will be "Books That Have
Shaped my Life," by Rev. Ken Phifer.
Pastor Dan Vellinga’s message Sunday at Plain Congregational Church is "The Promised Land."
Pastor Dale Schaefer’s theme for both traditional services at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church will be
"It’s Cool in the Furnace." Pastor Darrell Cousino will lead the 11 a.m. praise service.
"Weary of Being Tossed to and Fro," will be Rev. Eric McGlade’s sermon Sunday at Trinity United
Methodist Church.
Pastor Larry Whatley’s sermon Sunday at Turning Point United Methodist Church will be "Lord, are we
There Yet?"
The sermon by David K. Boswell, minister, Sunday at Village View Church of Christ be "Miracle of
Jesus: A Lame Man Walks."
"Living for Christ While we Wait, Part 2," will be Dr. David Lindeblad’s sermon Sunday morning
at Wood County Baptist Church. The movie tonight is "Moondance Alexander."
George Jensen will be the guest speaker Sunday at Trinity United Methodist Church.
Preacher Dan Horner’s sermon Sunday at Bradner Community Christian Church will be "Revelation: Clear
as Mud, part 31."
George Jensen is the guest speaker Sunday at Faith United Methodist Church.
Pastor Timothy Rothfuss’ sermon Sunday at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "The Real
Wonder Bread." It is also a "Favorite Hymn Sing" Sunday.
The annual community hog and corn roast will be held Saturday at 4:30 p.m.
Pastor Dale Smeltzer’s message Sunday at Christ’s Bible Church will be "The Sword of the
Pastor Susan St. Peter’s sermon Sunday at Union United Methodist Church will be "Work not for the
Food Which Perishes."
"The Message in the Munchies," will be Pastor Pamela Gordon’s message Sunday at First
Presbyterian Church.
Rev. Jennifer Jackson’s sermon Sunday at Haskins Community Church will be "Manna From Heaven."

"I am the Bread of Life," will be Pastor Rick Adams’ message Sunday at Hoytville United
Methodist Church.
Pastor Peter Johnston’s sermon Sunday at Faith United Methodist Church will be "One."
Pastor Jeanne English’s sermon title Sunday at Zion Lutheran Church will be "The Game of Life – To
Tell the Truth."
more to come… check back later