Transfers: 7-30

The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.
July 27
¥ 9587 Rudolph Road, Rudolph, residential, from Susan L. Wise, to Bruce W. White, $150,000.
¥ 142 Rosedale
Place, Rossford, residential, from Helen M. Conrad, to William Graffius III and Jennifer Graffius,
¥ 0 Devils Hole Road, Middleton Township, 3 acres, vacant residential, from Ambassadors Light LP, to
Robert P. and Angela M. Scholl.
¥ 1223 N. Dixie Hwy., Rossford, residential, from estate of Johanne R. Kocica, to Jeffrey and Jane
Extine, $145,000.
¥ 113 Clinton St., Walbridge, residential, from Scott Clark, to Joan P. Johnson, $90,000.
¥ 703 E. Broadway St., North Baltimore, from King Family Trust, David D. King, trustee, to Velma J.
green, $65,000.
¥ 0 College Dr., Bowling Green, 1.17 acres, commercial vacant land, from NPR Properties LLC, to Citori
Investment Group LLC, $79,813.
July 24
¥ 4673 Hall Road, Fostoria, residential, from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Assoc., to Matt D.
and Dianne M. Steinmetz, $30,000.
¥ 9897 Parliament Place, Perrysburg, residential, from John L. and Loretta E. Valentic, to Matthew R. and
Angela M. Kutz, $205,000.
¥ 13 Eddy St., Luckey, residential, from Bohdan Schatschneider, to Joseph S. and Pamela A. Schalk,
¥ 1133 N. Finch Dr., Bowling Green, residential, from Michael L. and Jody L. Ward, to John R. and Anne M.
Kremer, $170,000.
¥ 201 Lincoln St., Bloomdale, residential, from Glenn H. and Cynthia Woessner, to Daniel J. Shaferly and
Kaela M. Peeler, $85,500.
¥ 29227 E. River Road, Perrysburg, residential, from William D. Baumker Jr. and Julie A. Baumker, to
Jason D. and Tamar S. Markham, $277,900.
¥ 449 W. College Ave., Pemberville, residential, from Margie Ann Beck, trustee, to Jack and Emma Vroman,
¥ 28672 Starbright Blvd., Perrysburg, residential, from Dean S. Schultz, to David C. and Erica L. Spink,
¥ 935 Turnbury Lane, Perrysburg, condominium, from Anne M. Bushel, to Mary B. Dukes, $130,000.
¥ 615 Deer Run Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from David S. and Angela M. Bienemann, to Zachary P. and
Kimberly A. Madden, $180,000.
¥ 6953 McNerney Dr., Northwood, commercial building, from Tamlyn and White LLC, to Jiace Investments
Ltd., $360,000.
¥ 218 and 0 Guy St., Walbridge, residential, from U.S. Bank N.A. as trustee, to Dale L. and Joyce A.
Miller, $29,900.
¥ 1305 Millbury Road, Northwood, residential, from Christopher J. Ebert, to Tobey L. and Erin M.
Mottmiller, $115,000.
¥ 9311 Golf Creek Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Deborah A. Hobgood and Robert R. Murfin, to David
G. Wise, trustee, $217,000.
¥ 1104 N. Dixie Hwy., Rossford, residential, from Rosemary C. Konidaris, to Boodo LLC, $12,000.
¥ 28627 Woodland, Perrysburg, residential, from Paul S. and Suzanne L. Reed, trustees, to Ricky A. and
Terry J. Hoff, $173,000.
July 23
¥ 10120 Otsego Pike, Milton Township, residential, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Iott
Industrial Contracting LLC, $22,000.
¥ 122 and 124 N. Main St., North Baltimore, commercial, from estate of Robert L. Hillard, to Harold
Haynes and Mary Ward, $20,000.