To the Editor: Person who designed house praises Waltz


I would like to clarify some things in regards to the 919 Clough Street house and the ridiculous fine to
Brad Waltz! I designed that house. Prior to Brad, the house belonged to a hoarder with no plumbing or
electrical, overgrown yard and a garage filled with trash!
There was 3 people on the lease. Brad’s rent was $200 more than the mortgage per month. This was not a
get rich quick scheme for Brad, this was an honest, craftsman trying to get into the rental market as a
way to provide some additional income. Have you driven by this 4 bedroom, 2100 sq ft house, check out
the MLS?
Many are questioning if he cares about the renters and the answer is yes! The renters often sent a thank
you in appreciation of such luxury living in college! The parents of these renters were thrilled to meet
Brad personally, and Brad attended their graduation parties. This was one rental house! This is one
resident improving the neighborhood, eco-friendly products, blown in insulation, energy efficient
appliances, landscaped yard!
Brad is the most loyal BG resident I know, he has only invested in Wood County homes that are eyesores in
their neighborhood to improve the city he has called home for 41 years! Recently, the Carol Street
neighborhood got together to have a party and awarded him with a Certificate of Improvement for helping
with their property values and community after improving 1064 Carol!
Before starting any housing renovation, Brad walks the neighborhood, with a letter for each resident,
letting them know that he is a BG resident wanting to improve the neighborhood and invites them to visit
during the project to check progress!
The residents of Georgetown were thrilled as well to see Brad fixing up their community eyesore. Now to
some this may seem like a waste of time, but to Brad, this is important to build these relationships.

So here is the situation, the city finds more cars than they think should be in a 3 car garage, stalk the
property, haul in law abiding citizens, harass and lie to them, then start fining Brad and lets him know
when the bill hits $45,000, is this an honest way for the city to make money!? Hiding fines from
residents and small business owners while they pile up instead of bringing this to the attention of the
So open your minds to the thought that there are small business owners in your neighborhood trying to
improve your surroundings that do care about their communities.
Don’t believe everything your city says and get involved when you understand the facts and can make a
difference. This is what Brad does daily, and I don’t agree with everything he does, but I respect him
for being a good, caring, honest business man with loads of integrity and pride in his work.
Rose Toth

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