Gas caps checked in BG

Bowling Green area residents had a chance to have the gas cap on their vehicles checked Monday at the
Barney’s on South Main Street.
The Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments and the city of Toledo’s Division of Environmental
Services performed the service.
Motorists can also have gas caps checked Wednesday at BP Barneys, 28311 Crossroads Parkway, Rossford,
from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
A leaking or missing gas cap adds to air pollution, and may cost a driver up to two tanks of gas a year.
Older cars are more likely to have leaky caps, but any car could have a problem. The compression test
only takes a few seconds. Most leaky or missing caps can be replaced for free on the spot.
The program will be suspended on days when ozone levels are projected to be at the two highest levels:
Precautions Should be Taken by Sensitive Groups, or Caution.