Weston requests resident involvement

WESTON – Village council is looking for some young faces to take an active role in the community.
During council’s meeting Monday, Mayor Howard Lashuay announced there is still an opening on the
recreation board that needs filled, since the resignation of Bill Morey who was also its chairman. He
said he asked several people if they would be interested in serving but did not get a positive response.

Lashuay said the village is getting to a point where "we’re going to have to find some young
men" to become active in the town’s leadership. "We’ve got to get some younger blood in
There are still four members on the recreation board; the mayor said he will ask one of them to step up
as head of the board.
Councilman Jeff Helberg brought up concerns, recently published in a letter to the editor in the
Sentinel-Tribune, about bushes in the area of Oak and Maple streets. Administrator Chris Douglas said
the they had been trimmed by the property owner.
Councilman Paul Perry expressed disappointment the letter writer did not talk to council first with the
Councilman Ron Trumbull said the trimming of the ditch brush at the intersection of Taylor Street and
Ohio 235 looked "nicer and safer." Douglas said 300 feet were measured each side of the
intersection and trimmed down.
The vegetation was a cause for concern recently when a fire truck driver had poor visibility and pulled
into the intersection, colliding with a vehicle on Route 235.
Trumbull asked about a large tree on the south side of the ditch, and Douglas said he would look at it.
"It really looks nice," Trumbull added.
Sheriff Deputy Rod Konrad said the village had 81 calls in June. He was told to have deputies watch the
two parks for youth during curfew hours.
Konrad reported there had been several burglaries in town, but the 18-year-old youth suspected of doing
them was in custody or soon would be. The garages and out buildings were unlocked when they were
entered. No houses were burglarized.
Helberg requested the return of the speed sign with the radar gun on the west end of Taylor. He noted
when it was placed there several months ago drivers at first observed their speed, but then began
ignoring it. It was agreed to bring the sign back for just a few days to remind drivers of the speed
After an executive session, council approved reducing Fiscal Officer Sarah Schroeder’s hours to three a
day for five days a week beginning Aug. 3. She will earn $18.38 an hour. Though she and the mayor will
set her hours, they are tentatively 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Councilman Mark Sheffer thanked Schroeder for bringing the issue to council’s attention "and
providing a fiscal savings to the village."