To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule

It would appear that much of the luster of President Obama’s administration is beginning to fade. Vice
President Biden recently announced they had "misread" how bad the economy really is. Obama
confirmed the statement, saying his administration had made decisions based on insufficient information.

I believe many of Obama’s supporters are surprised and concerned at the manner and degree to which he is
implementing "Hope and Change". Before his taking office, a supporter and friend of the
Obamas, Valerie Jarrett, was quoted as saying Obama would be ready to "rule" from day one. As
time has passed, it appears her words are becoming quite accurate and shockingly so. American presidents
are elected to govern: not to rule. Our government was established as a Republic, meaning it is based on
rule of law, not rule by monarchs and czars.
When both houses of Congress vote in strict conformity with the president’s wishes and ignore the
public’s input, something is wrong. This should be very troubling to citizens whether Democrat,
Republican, or Independent.
If you share these concerns, please put pressure on your congressman and senators to pull back from blind
support of legislation soon to be voted on. Among the most far-reaching proposals are the cap and trade
and the health care bills. Our country will be fundamentally changed if these two bills are passed. The
hurry and intensity with which the bills are being promoted should give us pause for thought. A much
more careful, reasoned, and patient study is called for as we ask ourselves, is this really the change
we want?
David Lee
Bowling Green