Chemical-reaction ‘bombs’ found in Perrysburg

PERRYSBURG – Multiple "Drano bombs" were found last weekend at soccer fields near Ohio 199,
after a groundskeeper’s dog bit into one.
According to township police, the groundskeeper at the Perrysburg soccer field on Scheider and Eckel
Junction roads reported that, at about 9 a.m. Sunday, his dog picked up a 12-ounce water bottle and it
exploded. Upon checking the area, the groundskeeper located several other of the chemical reaction
pressure devices and called 911.
Officers located three "Drano bombs" that had already exploded and one that had not. The
township fire department used a long pole with a hook to discharge the last one.
The groundskeeper said he had checked the field the night before and found no devices.
Police Chief Ed Stribrny said this morning that false rumors have been circulating of pipe bombs at the
soccer field.
"Some people have gotten information that they’re saying it was a pipe bomb, and it was not,"
he said. "There is quite a difference."
He said the city is investigating several reports of vandalism that also occurred over the weekend, and
that the incidents may be related.
"At this particular time, I don’t want to say it was somebody did it as a prank," but there is
no identifiable motive, he said.
No one was injured by the bombs, he said, including the dog who found them. There are no suspects at this
"It is not closed, but we have no information to take us any place else."