To the Editor: We need solutions, not the status quo

It makes me feel good to see tea-party conservatives get out on the streets protesting, holding signs
expressing their views, their frustration, and their anger. Those of us on the other side of the
political spectrum wore ourselves out the past eight years protesting an unnecessary war,
discrimination, illegal wiretapping, poor access to health care, and many other issues. It’s good to see
that we’re not the only ones who feel passionate about our country!
This country faces really difficult problems that we have ignored for the past decade. We need to become
a world leader on renewable energy and reduce the collective damage we are inflicting on our planet. We
need to make health care less expensive and run with the health of individual patients as the primary
goal. We need a country where young kids read more and are more excited about science than the latest
mindless video game.
These tea-party conservative protesters offer no solutions to any of these serious, difficult problems.
They complain about a president and a Congress who, in my mind, are working hard to address these
problems after nearly a decade of neglect. If you don’t like the solutions offered, come up with your
own. Perhaps these protesters could stop dumping their tea, and, instead sit down over a cup of hot tea
and come with an alternative solution to the health care crisis (or the energy crisis or the economic
If you say no to all proposed solutions without offering any of your own, you are advocating for the
status quo. If you refuse to come up with any solutions, you are advocating passing our current energy,
health care, education, and economic crises on for one more generation.
Mike Zickar
Perrysburg Township