Sr events cal: 7-18

The following events will take place the week of July 20-24 at the Wood County Senior Center, 305 N. Main
St., Bowling Green.
9 a.m. Get Fit- Exercise by video
10 a.m. Program: Celebrity Chat, Jessi Trigg, WCCOA
12 p.m. Lunch: Bratwurst or chicken patty
1-4 p.m. Cards: Contract Bridge and Euchre
11:15 a.m. Speaker: Dr. Kim Traver, BGSU Speech & Hearing Clinic
12 p.m. Lunch: Chicken paprikash or meatloaf
3:30 p.m. Get Fit – Exercise by video
5:30 p.m. Dinner: Baked chicken, au gratin potatoes
6 p.m. Program: Dominoes
9 a.m. Get Fit – Exercise by video
12 p.m. Program: Lunch and Learn – "Managing your Utility Bills" – Amy Carles, Ohio Consumers
Council; registration required
12 p.m. Lunch: Beef stew or bean soup
2 p.m. Grocery shopping at Kroger
5:30 p.m. Dinner: Grilled ham croissant, French fries
6 p.m. Program: Wii Fit Challenge – registration required
10 a.m. Class: Writer’s Group – registration required
12 p.m. Lunch: Pizza or beef chop suey
1-3 p.m. Chair Massage: Karen Malone, licensed massage 7herapist – appointments required
3:30 p.m. Get Fit- Exercise by video
5:30 p.m. Dinner: Swedish meatballs, asparagus
9 a.m. Get Fit – Exercise by video
10 a.m. Watercolor Art Class – free and open to the public; bring own supplies
12 p.m. Lunch: Chipped beef or creamed chicken
1 p.m. Class: Memory for Life, Chris Biggins, AmeriCorps – registration required
1 p.m. Program: Wii Bowling
A $2 suggested donation is appreciated for lunches and $4 for dinners. Dinner reservations are needed by
2 p.m. of that day. For menu information, call (419) 353-5661 or (800) 367-4935.
Picnic at Carter Park: July 28 at 10 a.m. Spend a morning with the Life Bible Group from BGSU. Events
will include Frisbee golf, corn hole, and a free lunch. Registration required; event is limited to the
first 20 participants. Call the Programs Dept. at (419) 353-5661 or 800-367-4935.
Intergenerational Day Camp: "Caring for the World’s Families" Aug. 13, Rotary Nature Center,
615 S. Wintergarden Rd., Bowling Green. Sponsored by BG Parks and Recreation and Wood County Committee
on Aging. Interactive adventure for grandparents and grandchildren. The day will involve nature crafts,
team games and prizes, outdoor exploration, and snacks and lunch. This program is designed for
grandparents and grandchildren ages 5-12 years old and the cost is $5 per participant. Registration
required; call the Programs Dept.
Pet Idol Contest: Does your pet have what it takes to be famous? Enter your pet into this countywide
contest to win valuable prizes. Entries are available at all senior centers during the month of July. To
enter you must fill out the form, provide a picture and brief description of why your pet should be
famous. All entries will be reviewed by Petco and community members. The first, second, and third place
winners will receive prizes. All entries need to be received by Friday, July 24. Winners will have the
chance to showcase their pet at the Wood County Fair on Senior Day.