Sports Mailbag: To the Editor: Reader asks who is to blame for BGSU hockey situation

The BGSU Ice Arena and the BGSU hockey program have been allowed to decline and have been mismanaged for
15 years. Who is taking blame? I will take some for not being a responsible supporter. But what about
the BGSU leadership? What about past president Sidney Ribeau? What about Greg Christopher, Athletic
Director? BGSU sports marketing? Ed Whipple, vice president? The Board of Trustees? The mayor and City
Council? Are these not the people responsible for putting people in the stands and getting the alumni
and supporters to open their checkbooks?
Instead, alumni and supporters are besmirched. I know one thing for sure, if your job is to sell
something and people aren’t buying, it is not the customer’s fault, it is yours! Where is the strong
leadership to stand up and admit a problem and set out a plan? Instead, we have a secret plan being
buried within the bureaucracy to protect these same individuals when they cut the program. That’s right
– when they cut the program.
I would believe that the University and the city could easily commit to the longevity of the ice arena
and the hockey program if certain goals are met on a timeline of some sorts. A plan with some goals that
people can work for? Sounds pretty reasonable. Instead, we have alienated important alumni by
inaccuracies, no commitment to the program and I might even say outright falsification of the facts and
No wonder no money has been raised – I wouldn’t give a dime to this mismanaged and disorganized group
that has no sense of urgency, leadership or integrity amongst themselves. I have personally notified all
groups of BGSU that I am involved with, there will be no more attendance by me and no more dollars out
of my pocket until a plan is developed. I encourage everyone to do the same.
P.S. – I bought my season tickets already. How about you?
Michael J. Howick
Bowling Green