4-H livestock interview ‘outstandings’ awarded

Livestock interview judging was held Tuesday at the Junior Fair Building. Wood County Junior Fair
exhibitors shared knowledge about their projects through an interview with a judge. Below is a list of
4-H members who were recognized as "Outstanding Livestock Interviewers."
Rabbit – Austin Gardner and Christina Gardner, both 4-Leaf Clover Kids; Kristin Baumgardner, Kelli
Baumgardner and Megan Fisher, all Colorful Clovers; Ashley Seifert, Portage Valley; Hailey Asmus,
Haskins Clover Crew; Hannah Pauley, Gold Medal; Kaeleb Borner, Autumn Converse and Karter Converse, all
Livestock Unlimited; Hannah Sponaugle, Dowling Stitch, Stir and Stock; Eddie Cantwell, Cruizin’ Clovers;
Claire Wallace, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers.
Horse – Quinn Harrison, Paige Harrison, Shaunna Vandermeer and Logan Riker, all of Wood-N-Horses.
Alisha Schumaker, Sarah Todak, Emily Nunn, April Ludlow, Stephanie Low, Brianna Schumaker Bailey
Bredenbeckcorp, Leighann Duncan, Ashlee Spitler and Sarah Fisher, all of Black Swamp Outlaws.
Taylor Humphrey, Stacie Recker, Winona Booher, Amanda Richards, Marisa Fledderjohann and Amanda Smith,
all of Rough Riders.
Sarah Cox, Ellen Pierce, Jordan Eschedor and Rebekah Wright, all of Saddles and Surreys.
Alexis Suman, Karly Pahl and Bailey Kerr, all of Buckeye Buckaroos.
Jesse Thornton, Wood County Crew; Erin Nelson and Karen Burris, both of Silver Spurs; Jenna Stearns and
Hailey McCarron, both, Sunset Saddlers; Nathan Spencer and Devin Spencer, both Creative Critters; Jenna
Workman and Jolynn Nissen, both Horses R Us; and Rylee Brown, Gold Medal.
Swine – Tori Hillard and Tiffany Hillard, both Country Guys and Gals; Andrew Michaelis, Daniel Moser and
Dylan Jacobs, all Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers; Traci Morlock, Hallie Frobose, Hunter Frobose and Kirsten
Abke, all Livestock Unlimited; Thomas Foos, Blue Ribbon Rangers; Mackenzie Potter, Country Paws.
Beef – Taylor Hammond, Morgan Mazey and Logan Browne, all Livestock Unlimited; Susan Lang, Dowling
Stitch, Stir and Stock; Caroline Weihl, Otsego FFA; Cassandra Shaffer and Emily Curtis, both Country
Guys and Gals; Samantha Peters, Country Paws; Sara Boyle, Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers; Jacob Issacson
and Harrison Patton, both Blue Ribbon Rangers; Nick Stearns, Perry-Go-Getters; Mitch Beaverson, Golden
Sheep – Brooke Davies and Cassidy Eblen, both Clover Patch Kids; Andy Corken, Buckeye Guys and Gals;
Nicole Eschedor and Autumn Converse, both Livestock Unlimited; Garrett Tuck and Lucas Tuck, both Duke’s
Mixture; Ellen Moser and Andrew Michaelis, both Tontogany Four Leaf Clovers; Jessica Swihart, Portage
Valley; Meredith Bacue, Gold Medal; Alexis Amos, Golden Key.
Goats – Kara Ameling, Garrett Browne and Jacob Sheldrick, all Livestock Unlimited; Dylan Baer, Jackson
Livestock; Katelyn Lang and Rebecca Lang, both Dowling Stitch, Stir and Stock; Caroline Weihl, Otsego
Dairy – Issac Shaffer, Country Guys and Gals.
Poultry – Ben Wilhelm, Leaders of Tomorrow; Mitch Beaverson and Trey Yarger, Golden Key; Seth Schulte,
Tontogany Hotwires; April Michaelis, Sara Boyle, Andrew Huffman and Taylor Cox, all Tontogany Four Leaf
Clovers; Susan Johnson, Colorful Clovers; Nathan Spencer, Creative Critters.