To the Editor: BG woman: We need to take charge of our rights

Is it wise to spend several trillion dollars that we don’t have?
Is it good to borrow billions and billions of dollars from Communist China?
Is it smart to dramatically dilute the money supply so your money is less valuable, by just printing
Is it fair to put our children and grandchildren into huge amounts of debt for the rest of their lives?

Is it good to give billions of dollars from the "Stimulus’ package to ACORN, the organization that
is in trouble for voter fraud in a number of states?
Is this "Stimulus’ package (full of political spending) really doing much of anything to help the
Is it good to take over the banking system and two car companies supposedly to make them run efficiently?
(Remember how efficiently our government runs.)
Is it wise to take over health care? (Again remember Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are on track
to go broke in the next few years).
It is legal or moral to take car dealerships away from their owners and give them to others, appoint
CEO’s and boards of directors, fire an inspector general for doing his job reporting corruption
surrounding ACORN (Gerald Walpin)?
Is it wise to cut money to our Strategic Missile Defense as the N. Koreans are planning a nuclear-capable
long range missile shot to Hawaii?
Is it good to be told what kind of medical treatments we are allowed to have, what kind of car we are
allowed to manufacture and how much money we are allowed to make? (If the government can set the salary
for some, why can’t it set your salary too?)
Are our president and Congress out of control?
When will we wake up and take charge of our rights as citizens? As our government continues to
unconstitutionally take more and more power, now long will we have rights as citizens?
Jaci Nowicki
Bowling Green