To the Editor: Wants flags treated with respect

I saw something that concerned me the other day. While I was riding my bike home from the grocery store
on July 3rd, I saw a Boy Scout with an similarly dressed adult (who I assume was some sort of scout
leader) putting flags in people’s front yards on Summit Street. here in town. As I watched them, the
adult put a pile of American flags down on the ground a number of times while the scout watched. My
understanding is that you are not supposed to disrespect our flag in this way.
As an atheist, I admittedly have a distaste for the Boy Scouts organization, who has a history of
marginalizing nontheists and the LGBT community. My bias aside, I know that my WWII veteran grandfather
would have been very upset at seeing what I saw, as he fought to defend those colors. Few things are
sacred to all Americans, but that short list includes our stars and stripes, and as such they should be
kept off the ground and treated with reverence.
I would simply ask that if the Boy Scouts want to claim that they are teaching the next generation to be
"morally straight," that they try to treat our flag with some respect.
Ryan Whorton
Bowling Green