To the Editor: BG schools criticized for canceling camp

Recently, Bowling Green City School District announced cuts to the budget. It was decided that the annual
5th grade camp would be one of the programs to be cut for this coming school year.
This of course is a popular academic and fun experience for the students and they look forward to going
when 5th grade finally arrives. The elementary schools had students attend a slide show to get them
excited about their upcoming adventures and fundraising opportunities. At least one school required the
money for camp be raised and paid ahead of time. Many of the students have already sold candy to raise
their portion of the funds needed for camp. BG Schools holds our money for this camp as of this writing.

The question is, how can BG Schools cancel something that the students have already worked so hard to
achieve? These students used their own time and energy to earn their way to camp. And what about the
family, friends, neighbors, and citizens who bought this candy expecting the money to be used
specifically for 5th grade camp?
If BG Schools can allow students and their families to raise the necessary funds to attend camp and then
rescind it, then supporting future BG School fundraising activities becomes problematic. There is a
certain loss of trust that occurs when the leaders of our schools ask the students to fundraise but then
renege and deny them their just reward. I would encourage anyone who bought candy to support 5th graders
going to camp to write or call BG Schools to voice your opposition to their poor decision. We cannot let
them use our children for labor and fundraising without honoring that commitment.
Daniel Wuest
Bowling Green