Grand jury indicts five, including two from BG, for offenses involving children

Wood County grand jury has indicted Jason Harle, age 28, and Alison Harle, 26, for sexual offenses
involving a 4-year-old girl.
On Wednesday, Alison Harle was indicted on two counts gross sexual imposition and rape with a
specification due to the age of the victim. Jason Harle was also indicted for a similar rape charge with
a specification. He was also indicted in January for a similar gross sexual imposition count involving
the same victim.
The Harles, both listed with the same apartment address on Napoleon Road, Bowling Green, are alleged to
have engaged in inappropriate touching as well as sexual conduct with the victim between May 1 and Nov.
1 of 2008. The time frame was identical on all the counts charged.
With the specification, both could face a mandatory life imprisonment sentence upon conviction.
Arraignment is set for the pair on July 13 at 1 p.m. before Wood County Common Pleas Court Judge Reeve
They were among 17 people indicted on Wednesday.
Two other Wood County residents, Ryan Watson, 20, and Starla Floyd, also 20, both listed with the same
Tracy Road address in Walbridge, were indicted for endangering children: Watson with two counts, and
Floyd with one. They are also to be arraigned at the same time before Kelsey. A summons was issued for
all four to appear for their arraignment.
A warrant was issued for Daniel Abdo, 43, of Northwood, after he was indicted by the grand jury on three
counts including felonious assault, endangering children and possession of cocaine.
Also indicted was Paul Garrison, 40, currently being held at the Wood County jail, on four counts
regarding a June 13 incident. He was indicted for felonious assault, abduction, burglary and carrying a
concealed weapon.
Both Abdo and Garrison will be arraigned July 10 at 1 p.m. before Judge Alan Mayberry.
Each Common Pleas Court judge schedules the arraignments at the same times as above. Judge Robert Pollex
will hear his arraignments on July 14 at 1:30 p.m.
Others indicted Wednesday included:
¥ Floyd A. Tucker II, 18, Fostoria, felonious assault. (Kelsey)
¥ Cecil Rusty Cleaves, 56, Liberty Avenue, domestic violence, with a specification. (Kelsey)
¥ Justin Clark, 23, South Grove Street, and Selina Cox, 33, Palmer Avenue, both for bribery. (Kelsey)
¥ Justin Laurell,
21, of Walbridge, complicity to receiving stolen property and complicity to burglary. (Mayberry)
¥ Casey Lupien, 47, Oregon, burglary. (Mayberry)
¥ Eric Royer, 36, of Toledo, failure to comply, with a specification. (Kelsey)
¥ Donald Dick, 46, North Baltimore, aggravated possession of drugs. (Kelsey)
¥ Demond Cheeks, 35, listed in the county jail, possession of cocaine. (Mayberry)
¥ William Estep Sr., 47, North Grove Street, two counts of aggravated trafficking. (Pollex)
¥ Elias Reyes Jr., 31, jail, trafficking in marijuana. (Kelsey)
In addition to the indictments, bills of information were handed down for the following individuals.
¥ Wayne R. Banks, 55, of Toledo, theft. (Pollex)
¥ Quintin S. Bell, 54, Toledo, possession of drugs. (Mayberry)
¥ Scott Bowersox, 32, Perrysburg, failure to comply with order or signal of police officer. (Kelsey)
¥ Albert Santus, 22, of Maumee, burglary. (Mayberry)