Turtle ice cream sandwich cake is sweet & easy to make

MILLBURY – Sweet-tooths rejoice.
Just in time for a holiday, no less, comes Vicki Schwamberger’s rich, yet smooth Turtle Ice Cream
Sandwich Cake.
The first taste of the pie is almost too sweet. But before the lips purse, the cold ice cream and crunchy
pecans take over, making a perfect combination.
That’s one of the reasons Schwamberger likes the recipe so much – the combinations can be endless. For
Fourth of July, she suggests the strawberry preserves version, with some blueberries on top.
Another reason she’s so fond of the recipe is how easy it is to put together.
"There’s all kinds of variations. Or you can just add your own combination. We happen to love turtle
sundaes," she said of her and her family, "and it’s become one of the favorites. Kids love it
and adults love it."
She came across the recipe on the Internet a couple of years ago while hunting for a summer dessert to
make for a nephew who was visiting from St. Louis, Mo. The dessert can be made ahead and thrown in the
freezer. Another plus – feel free to use any type of ice cream sandwiches; Schwamberger used Kroger
brand in this dish.
"Just lay them in there. Throw the stuff on top. Do another layer. It’s absolutely easy."
Schwamberger is well known in the community for her cooking – especially chicken paprikash.
"And your stuffed pigs," added her mother, Faye Everhardt.
"Yeah, my cabbage," agreed Schwamberger.
The two women ran a Woodville Road restaurant, Ev’s Pizza N Such, from 1982-85, making their own pizza
crust and serving soups and subs. While Schwamberger said she enjoyed the experience, four years of
restaurant work was enough.
"People think it’s just like having people over for dinner. But it was 24-7. It was a lot of
Schwamberger credits her mother for her love of cooking. With two younger brothers, she was always in the
kitchen with "her mama."
"I just remember making a complete meal when I was a little girl. So I was never intimidated by it.
I always loved to experiment."
She bakes cookies at Christmas time for her church, St. Paul’s United Methodist, and loves to entertain
at her Earl Drive home. Her favorite way to fix a meal, though, is on the grill, firing up salmon,
shrimp, scallops and skewered veggies.
Her gatherings have become limited, though, with her work situation. About the time that she became
fiscal officer for Lake Township, her part-time finance job with the city of Oregon turned into a
full-time one. While the Lake Township job is part-time, the two jobs together are a lot of hours.
"The cooking is enjoyment. The numbers pay the bills. I love to cook."
Schwamberger, who is 51, has lived in Millbury her whole life. Her parents, Faye and Fritz, moved to the
village when they were married 53 years ago.
She was widowed just five months after her May 18,1991 wedding to Dean Schwamberger, a Millbury
"It wasn’t what I expected to happen, but you never know."
Schwamberger said she loves to volunteer in her community, with the church, Fire Maids and the former
1909 Committee, which was trying to preserve Millbury School before it was sold.
"I just love giving back because I have so much and I’ve been blessed with so much," she said.

Turtle ice cream sandwich

24 vanilla ice cream sandwiches
1 jar caramel ice cream topping
1 jar hot fudge topping or chocolate syrup
Two 8-ounce containers of Cool Whip or one large container
Chopped pecans
In a 9" by 13" baking dish layer the following (make sure the dish fits into the freezer):
Ice cream sandwiches (will need to cut some to fill into the edge of the dish).
Spread with caramel topping and chopped pecans, then Cool Whip.
Start next layer with the remaining ice cream sandwiches (use the same amount on the bottom and top
Cover with hot fudge topping or chocolate syrup, then Cool Whip.
The dish will be filled over the top. Tent with foil and place in freezer for at least two hours or
overnight. Top with more pecans and/or chocolate syrup as desired before serving.
Remove from freezer 30 minutes before serving.
Chopped Oreos in the Cool Whip
Banana slices and vanilla pudding
Chocolate whipped cream
Malted milk balls or candy bars of choice, chopped
Strawberry preserves with Neapolitan or strawberry ice cream sandwiches