Transfers: 7-02

The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.
June 26
¥ 28195 White Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Douglas A. and Diana B. Mikaelian, to Erik F. Tracy,
¥ 804 Fairview Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Linda Grimm and Garnet Gross, to Daniel and Erin
Kessler, $126,900.
¥ 603 Pearl St., Bowling Green, residential, from Andrew T. Stout and Jennifer M. Caperna, to Marjorie R.
Horne, $135,000.
¥ 7 Edith Court, Bowling Green, condominium, from Robert and Erma Miller, to Joan Doner, #103,300.
¥ 709 N. Wintergarden Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Terry W. and Melissa E. Kuhl, to Eric T. and
Mindy J. Radabaugh, $162,500.
¥ 7036 Twin Lakes, Perrysburg, residential, from Randy J. and LaRetta R. Rydman, to Ron Zeman, $196,100.

June 25
¥ 0 Lime City Road, Rossford, farm buildings, from William J. and Antoinette Wolf, to Brossia Brothers,
¥ 24300 Lime City Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Jennifer A. Alzanabe (half interest) and Jason D.
Swartz, to Jason D. Swartz, $72,500.
¥ 6267 S. Main St., West Millgrove, residential, from Jason Levy Chapman, to Jeff D. Zimmerman, $3,000.

¥ 3161 Chapel Creek Dr., Perrysburg, building lot, from Louisville Title Agency as trustee, to Mark and
Laura Sniadanko, $159,000.
¥ 4511 Turtle Creek Dr., Perrysburg, building lot, from Louisville Title Agency of Northwest Ohio as
trustee, to Jeffrey A. and Laura A. Volschow, $55,250.
¥ 2481 Roundhead Road, Deshler, residential, from Linda E. Stull, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff, to
Wells Fargo Bank, $46,000.
¥ 109 and 0 N. Evans St., Bradner, residential, from Melinda K. Long, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff, to
Bank of America, $84,000.
¥ 12852 Mermill Road, Portage, residential, from Caroline Andricks, et. al., by Wood County Sheriff, to
Federal National Mortgage Assoc., $34,000.
¥ 1107 Raven Road, residential, from ACT Properties LLC, to Jeremy J. and Stephanie Allnutt, $146,000.

¥ 27922 Tracy Road, Walbridge, residential, from Kellie R. Fisher, fka Kellie R. Crace, to Timothy J.
Fisher, $132,000.
June 24
¥ 1830 Freedom Dr., Northwood, residential, from Liquidation Properties Inc., to Jason C. and Marci A.
Ahumada, $106,000.
¥ 4210 Hakes Road, Northwood, residential, from James W. and Valerie Frank, to Peggy and Kathi Lohmeyer,
¥ 310 Venice Dr., Northwood, residential, from Jeffery T. Birdwell, to Josh and Steffani Rayburn,
¥ 314 Salem St., Risingsun, residential, from J.C. Gschwind, to Terry A. and Carol C. Herr, $24,200.
June 23
¥ 3598 River Ridge, Perrysburg, residential, from Amy S. Covyaw, to John Stephen and Kelli Nitschke,
June 22
¥ 164 Maple St., Wayne, residential, from the Huntington National Bank, to Michael W. Anteau, $33,000.

¥ 308 S. Main St., Bloomdale, residential, from Fannie Mae, to Jacob W. Smith, $37,033.
¥ 14731 Prairie Lake Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Robert J. and Diane Buccafusco, to Thomas E. and
Lisa V. Wojciechowski, $290,000.
¥ 1068 Clark St., Bowling Green, residential, from John D. Eckel and Cynthia M. Eckel, fka Cynthia M.
Gebhart, to Janice R. Varney-McKnight, $164,000.
¥ 28441 Abbey Road, Millbury, residential, from U.S. Bank as trustee, to Ernest Gable Jr., $74,000.
June 19
¥ 26724 Green Ville Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Franklin L. Oakes II and Lauri R. Oakes, to
Jeffrey J. and Sheri L. Coles, $330,000.
¥ 25142 Fox Hunt Dr., Perrysburg, residential, from Forrester Wehrle Homes Inc., to Adam B. and Carrie A.
Schmidt, $235,000.
¥ 25903 Edinborough Circle, Perrysburg, residential, from Jeffrey A. and Nancy L. Hughes, to Primacy
Closing Corp, $349,621.
¥ 25903 Edinborough Circle, Perrysburg, residential, from Primacy Closing Corp., to Susette M. Willard,
¥ 104 Kingsbury, Haskins, residential, from Chris E. Hansen, to Andrew J. Gustafson Jr., $207,500.
June 19
¥ 14041 Defiance Pike, residential, from Green Tree Servicing LLC, to Andrew J. Vollmar, $28,000.
June 18
¥ 711 W. Front St., Pemberville, residential, from Kurt C. Haar, to Kimberly K. Jakubec, $110,000.
¥ 870 Oak Cove Dr., unit 4, condominium,