Owens Community College is about to expand into western Lucas County.
The board of trustees on Tuesday agreed to a lease agreement for 25,840 square feet at a site in Maumee’s
Arrowhead Business Park. The college’s Workforce and Community Services division will move from its
facility on Tracy Road to the new location this fall, with the site ready for classes for spring
semester 2010.
"We really see business and industry growing in that area," Provost Paul Unger told the board
The move will give the division more classroom and administrative space; other non-workforce classes also
are expected to be held at the site.
Asked for examples, Unger said classes offered at the site could include computer certification,
supervisory training, and any type of "green" energy training.
According to John Satkowski, vice president of business affairs, the new facility has the potential to
serve more than 400 full-time equivalent students; the break-even point is 140 FTE students.
By comparison, The Source in downtown Toledo currently serves 210 FTE students after being open just one
year, Satkowski said.
The cost associated with the facility will be offset by the new revenue generated by enrollment, making
the venture budget neutral, he added.
The move also will not require the addition of many new staff members, as Michael Bankey, vice president
of that division, will manage the site and relocate his employees to the new facility.
The college in 2006 began looking at options to expand into Lucas County, after a market analysis
identified underserved business and industry as well as student populations within that sector. In May
2008, trustees agreed to lease a site, also in Arrowhead Park, at a cost of $800,000 each year. However,
the owner of that facility later declared bankruptcy, which voided the contract.
The new facility, at 1724 Indian Wood Circle, will be leased from Arrocorp III, LLC, for $510,000
annually. The college has the option to expand into an adjacent facility that offers another 20,000
square feet. The site includes 280 parking spots and has easy access from Dussel Drive, Ford Street and
Holland Road.
With a start-up cost set at $450,000, plus fixed costs for insurance, support staff, supplies and data
service, the minimum cost of operating the facility is $734,541 annually, according to estimates
supplied by Satkowski. Additional instructional costs will vary based on enrollment.
The site on Tracy Road, which the college has utilized since XXX, offers 53,944 square feet. Once the
move is made, the Tracy Road building will be put up for sale.