July will be Wood County Flag Month


On Thursday, Wood County Commissioners Jim Carter, Tim Brown and Alvin Perkins will designate July as
Wood County Flag Month.
In recognition of Wood County Flag Month, county residents are invited to purchase an outdoor Wood County
flag from The Flag Lady’s Flag Store in Columbus at a reduced cost through July 31. Order forms are
available on the county’s Web site, www.co.wood.oh.us, or by contacting the commissioners’ office at
(419) 354-9100 or toll-free at 1-866-860-4140.
The original price is $92 per flag. The final cost will be determined based on the total number of Wood
County flag orders received. However, if more than 12 orders are received, the cost will be $42 each
plus tax and shipping.
The flag of Wood County symbolizes community history and sense of place. The blue background is adapted
from the U.S. flag and calls to mind our national bonds. The red of the Wood County silhouette and
ribbon symbolizes the lifeblood of all the men and women who have lived amidst the Great Black Swamp.
Wood County is shown prominently on the gold field of the State of Ohio. The harvest gold represents our
rich agricultural heritage. Nineteen white stars, one for each township, signify the bright future of
our county and the diverse citizens. Finally, 1820 is the year Wood County was established.
A sample flag is on display in the courthouse complex atrium for citizens to view.

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