Timing is everything – especially in photojournalism

Thursday was the big day, two large silos in Hoytville were to be torn down. But looking at my
photographs you would have thought the demolition crew failed. In the news business things can go from
slow to fast real quick. We were told to be in Hoytville at 10 am for the demolition. I knew it was
going to be tight fitting this into my morning schedule because I had to be back in Bowling Green by
noon to shoot a state library rally. Once i got to Hoytville and found a good position to shoot from it
looked like everything was proceeding pretty much on time. The bulldozer driver jumped into his seat,
fired up his engine and did his best at trying to pull down the two large silos. I had the image all
framed up just the way I wanted. Now all I had to do was wait for the silos to start falling and hit the
shutter and I would have a nice sequence of photos of the silos falling to the ground. But things never
turn out the way you expect them to in this business. After trying for about 10 minutes and the demo
crew breaking a chain, I knew there was no way those silos were coming down in time for me to take a
picture and make it to my noon assignment in Bowling Green. Much to my chagrin, I had to see what I
missed in another local newspaper, which is never fun. SEE MORE

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