GEM buys energy company


GEM Inc., a mechanical and electrical specialty contractor based in Walbridge, has purchased BHP Energy
Solutions Ltd., of Hudson, Ohio.
BHP will provide GEM Inc. and Rudolph/Libbe customers with market-leading turnkey solutions for clean,
energy-saving onsite power generation.
BHP is an authorized distributor of Capstone MicroTurbine power generation systems. Capstone MicroTubines
are compact, affordable energy systems that reduce energy costs while helping to protect the environment
with near-zero emissions.
"BHP Energy allows GEM and Rudolph/Libbe to deliver the energy solutions our customers are
seeking," said Hussien Shousher, president of GEM Inc.
"BHP provides the technology and solutions that improve efficiency, comfort, productivity and
financial performance, while reducing risk and the operating costs of our customer’s facilities."

Examples of recent BHP projects include:
¥ Toledo’s SeaGate Centre has four energy-saving turbines fueled by natural gas, and an absorption
chiller integrated with the existing turbines to produce chilled water in addition to hot water and
electric power.
¥ In July, the Lucas County Multi-Purpose Arena will have four Capstone turbines to provide heat,
cooling, and electricity for the new LEED-rated project.
¥ Centennial Park, a LEED-rated golf course in Munster, Ind., has two Capstone turbines generating
electricity from biogas fuel.
GEM Inc. and Rudolph/Libbe Inc. are subsidiaries of the Rudolph/Libbe Companies.

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