4-H News: 6-24


Dowling Stitch, Stir & Stock
On June 17, 13 members of the Dowling, Stitch, Stir, & Stock 4-h Club met at the Lucky Legion.

The members talked about new and old business. Rebecca and Katelyn Lang did their demonstrations on their
market steer project. They showed and talked about the different kinds of halters that are used and how
to use them properly.
Rebecca Foos did her demonstration on her Focus on Photography project. She showed the members her
scrapbook. She also shared what she learned about taking her project this year.
Jordan Davidson did her demonstration on her project on her dog. She talked about dog safety and what to
do a if a dog approaches you. She also brought in her dog and showed the members tricks that she had
learned to do.
Cody Smith did his demonstration on what to do before exercising and what to do after exercising. Austin
Smith did his demonstration on "You’re the Athlete," which including the amount of each food
category each boy and girl should have every day.
Erin Dennis did her demonstration on Frugal Fashion. She talked about what the best deals were after
following a line of clothing for a certain amount of time.
Andrea Kotula did her demonstration on drinking and driving. She had the members do a survey to see how
much they knew about that topic.
Stacy Kotula did her demonstration on "Accessories for Teens." She is making a laptop case for
The members met in committees and discussed more possible ideas for each of the groups. The next meetings
is Thursday at 10 a.m. at the same site.
Lucky Charms
The Lucky Charms 4-H Club met June 7.
Dana Kleman gave a health and safety report on what to do if stung by a bee.
Demonstrations were given by Emily Myers on how to make a smoothie; Katie Hoops on positive and negative
praise for dog obedience; Morgan Sommers on the foods you need and taking control of your photography.
Jani Shope presented baby sitting toy safety; while Logan Brubaker spoke on the different types of
Alaina Brubaker discussed her research into animal’s natural habitats; Marissa Brubaker shared the
history of snickerdoodles and prepared a sample to share with all members. Tessa Lewis discussed how to
redecorate a room at thrift stores and Rachel Piaseki shared with the club the secrets of cat grooming a
clean kitty.
Club members were reminded of important dates for the fair. Ideas for the community service project were
discussed and tabled to the next meeting, which will be the last chance to order shirts for the fair.

The club welcomed two new members Dylan and Kelly McDonald.
Haskins Clover Crew
Members of the Haskins Clover Crew met June 17 at the Wenig farm.
Lindsey Pauff started the meeting off with her demonstration on her cat, Pumpkin. She told how to hold a
cat properly and how to show a cat and how her cat will walk on a leash.
Allison Ortiz did a demonstration on her project "Lets Make Quick Breads." She showed how you
can make a gift in a jar, making a muffin mix. Kelsey Ortiz did a demonstration on inherited traits. She
explained how you inherit traits from your parents like ability to curl your tongue and if your ear
lobes are attached or hang.
Erica Tack did her demonstration on nutrition facts. She shared about good and bad fats and then members
played a game to see how well they know food groups.
Brianna Snow did her demonstration on how to heal a cut. She also did a demonstration on the parts of a
Kylie Asmus did a demonstration on scrapbooking. Alex Wynn finished the meeting with a demonstration on
needs and wants for his "Money Fundamentals" project. He shared that it takes time and hard
work to save money for something you want.
Cupcakes and lemonade were brought by the Ortiz family.
The next meeting will be July 1 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Wenig Farm. Members are asked to bring eye
glasses, pop tabs, get well cards and pop cans. These are all for service projects the club is working
Silver Spurs
The Silver Spurs 4-H Club met June 11. Britney Foor, a special guest, spoke about her life with Alstrom
The club discussed fundraisers, the advisors horse show June 27-28, and work meetings to be held Thursday
and July 2 at 5:30 p.m.
The club moved to donate $100 to the Susan G Komen Fund for the Cure and another $100 in honor of Britney
Forr to Alstrom Syndrome research.
The next meeting will be July 18 at PeeWees at noon.

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