NORTH BALTIMORE – The first official meeting of personnel involved in the construction of the new middle
school/high school complex is today, the initial step in a journey expected to take two years to
During June’s North Baltimore Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Kyle Clark announced the
gathering which is to include the construction manager of the project, the architect, the Ohio Schools
Facilities Commission, himself and Treasurer Eve Baldwin, the building principals and available school
board members.
"That’s our first official meeting with these groups," stated Clark. "The purpose is to
introduce members to the principal players we’ll be dealing with from this day forward and set up target
completion dates. We know generally it’ll take two years before we get into the building. There are a
lot of things that have to go on between then."
Later in the meeting, the board approved a resolution authorizing the issuance of Qualified School
Construction Bonds and for Clark and Baldwin to prepare and file the bonds with the OSFC. Clark
explained this was something new in the state, done through stimulus funding, which allows the persons
buying the bonds to get tax credits from the federal government.
"It allows us to pay off the bond quicker. If we could pay off a 28-year bond at 14 years, it is a
savings for us," he said. But Clark noted having to pay the prevailing wage may come with the
funding. "We have to determine if paying prevailing wage will save money for our taxpayers. This
allows us to apply for it. We can turn them down or keep them if they’re good for our district. We need
to explore it."
The board read and approved a resolution honoring North Baltimore High School freshman Amanda Hotaling
for setting a state record in the pole vault. She attended the meeting with her parents, Cyndi and Art
"Amanda accomplished something very few students have done," stated Clark, citing her
accomplishment of clearing 11’8" in the pole vault. "I want to highlight a little bit of our
past. This is the fifth event North Baltimore has achieved a state championship in."
He listed the years, events and champions’ names: 1925, the 440 relay team; 1935, high jump; 1980, golf;
1985, discus; 2009, pole vault. "In North Baltimore, this is an elite group, and we are very, very
proud of them all," Clark stated.
It was noted during the presentation that Hotaling is the first freshman to win the pole vault and the
first freshman to set a state record in any division.
"There’s all kinds of records with this," stated Clark. "We’re very proud of you."

"I just want to say thank you," responded Hotaling. "If I didn’t make the jump it meant I
wasn’t going to win. My rival from Pandora was going to win, and I didn’t want that to happen."
"We just want to thank you for approving indoor track," added her mother. "We’re just so
glad she could bring this honor to North Baltimore."
Board members accepted the fiscal year 2010 Federal Title Grant estimates, including three related to
stimulus grants from the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Clark explained the grants were
all additional funds for which the district can apply, but he said the district was told if it didn’t
fill out paperwork for the stimulus stability grant it could expect a cut in state foundation pay.
"We’re putting them to good use," he said. "Some money can be used right away this summer
and fall."
The meeting concluded with an executive session to discuss personnel and the consideration of property
purchase, after which no action was expected to be taken.