County auditor distributes personal property taxes


Wood County Auditor Michael Sibbersen has distributed the first half 2009 general personal property taxes
totalling $3,863,694.78. Included is $136,718.17 paid in current intangible tax, and $3,726,976.61 in
delinquent tangible.
The distribution represents minimal remaining public utility value that is still being phased out. All
other general personal taxpayers ceased to be required to file and pay this business tax as of Dec. 31,
2008, due to state legislation passed in 2005. Delinquent collection continues and this settlement
represents an exceptionally large amount not likely to be repeated in the future.
The state’s tax reform legislation included a reimbursement at 2004 income levels through 2010, when that
amount will begin to diminish until it reaches zero in 2018. The current year’s reimbursement to all
governmental units in Wood County is $6,791,378.
The funds were distributed as follows: General fund, $102,214.55; Health department, $21,714.21; Wood
County District Public Library, $6,131.20; Rossford Public Library, $29,119.35; Way Public Library,
$950.31; Pemberville Library, ($14.32); Wood County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health,
$113,088.43; Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, $291,420.19; Wood County Park District,
$43,495.58; Historical Center, $2,174.81; Wood County Committee on Aging, $30,446.88; Job and Family
Services, $56,544.20; Townships, $393,549.62; Municipalities, $54,193.60; Schools, $2,721,666.17.

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