A record-breaking 8,576 students have chosen to attend Owens for summer semester classes, surpassing the
record of 7,533 set during summer semester 2004.
Owens’ Perrysburg Township campus has 6,957 students attending classes, while on the Findlay-area campus
1,619 students are enrolled. On both campuses, summer semester enrollment increased 19.3 percent from
last summer.
According to Dr. Bill Ivoska, vice president of Student Services, one of the many reasons for the
college’s enrollment growth results from local four-year college students enrolling at Owens to take
advantage of the credit transferability during the summer.
"Transient enrollment shows that students from other colleges and universities recognize the great
value of an Owens education," he stated.
For Kevin Cole, of Alvada, a senior pursuing his bachelor’s degree in finance from Bowling Green State
University, the opportunity to take an Owens summer semester course will allow him to fulfill his
undergraduate requirements and graduate at the conclusion of the upcoming fall semester.
"The ease of transferring credits from Owens to Bowling Green is great," said Cole, who
currently is enrolled in a modern business math class through the college’s eOwens program. "I
currently have a full-time summer job for a government contracting firm in Washington, D.C. and needed
the flexibility that an online class offers. The eOwens program allowed me to continue my college
education during the summer months."
After graduating from Bowling Green in December 2009, Cole plans to pursue a career within business
around the Washington, D.C., area.
The college also is continuing to expand its extremely popular eOwens distance learning education by
continuously introducing new academic courses online. For summer semester 3,871 students are pursuing
e-Learning courses – up from 3,238 last summer (19.5 percent increase).
According to Ivoska, Owens is committed to expanding its many educational opportunities for students
through the continued advancement of innovative programs, courses, teaching methods and academic
During the current academic year, Owens introduced new Honors Program partnerships with the University of
Toledo and BGSU. Additionally, Owens students can now obtain a bachelor’s degree by completing three
years on the college’s two campuses followed by one year of academic courses through distance learning
as part of a new partnership with Ohio University.
The college’s ethnicity/race student enrollment also continues to increase. For summer semester, 1,307
African-American students are enrolled compared to 890 last year (46.8 percent increase). Additionally,
Hispanic enrollment has a recorded a 21.4 percent increase with 368 students attending classes compared
to 303 during summer term 2008.